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Have a question? Read our Frequently Asked Questions for your answers!

Because Organized Touch services are so vast and custom, you may choose to email your questions. 

Why should I hire Organized Touch?
We can do in a day or two what might take you many days or weeks of your free time to complete.  We offer the highest standards of privacy and professionalism.  Our team of experienced organizers is insured, bonded with annual background checks.

What can I expect from hiring an Organizer?

Organized Touch has an experienced team of organizers that will help you sort your items, store like items together or assist you in purging items you no longer need.  We will incorporate some finishing touches that will showcase your treasured items.

Do I need to be present during the process?

For Organizing:  A personal consult will be done in advance to discuss your preferences or special instructions.  If you are present it is easier for our Lead Organizer to work closely with you to ensure your priorities are addressed in a timely fashion.  Ultimately, the process moves quicker if you are a part of it. 

For Move-Ins’s:  If you are present and you have completed the walk through with our organizer you are free to go on about your business, whether at home or out.  If you are not present during your move a personal consult can be done in advance for special instructions.




How does the Consult process work?

Ideally, we would meet you at the location you want organized and do a walk through and discuss your goals.  We will make suggestions and help you prioritize in order to accommodate your schedule and/or needs.  The process could take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on the size of the residence.  Our hourly rate would apply.


When I move, how do you help me decide where everything goes?​

​​The move-in team can work under the direction of the client, or independently using their expertise at setting up homes.  The kitchen will be best arranged for function, closets arranged by season, style, and color, bathrooms and other areas arranged in like categories.  The boxes are broken down and packing materials disposed of. 

Clients are welcome to work alongside the organizer and control where items are placed.  Alternatively, some clients are happy to leave it the move-in team.  It is entirely YOUR choice.



What areas do you serve? 

We service the whole DFW Metroplex area.


Do you offer gift certificates?​

​​Yes!  Just give us a call and we will be happy to provide this service.


I am not moving, but I need to downsize…can you help me??​

Yes!  Our team is skilled in helping people purge those belongings they no longer need or want.  We can arrange for a donation pickup or for smaller jobs, we can take items to donation for you.


Do I need to purchase additional items to get myself organized?​

Most times you have items in your home we can utilize to streamline the organization.  However, we can make recommendations to you or in some cases (per your approval) we can purchase the items and help you get set up.


Are there any additional services you might offer?​

Yes!  If you like to have shelf lining in your cupboards and drawers, we will buy the shelf lining, measure, cut it to your specifications (if required) and install it in your home.  Standard hourly rate would apply.







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