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Boxes to Breakfast

Start off in your new home unpacked AND organized. When the mover’s leave, it’s not over – generally there are boxes everywhere!

Organized Touch takes the move-in process one step further. We not only unpack your boxes, we put away and set up your belongings in a professionally organized manner. We can do in a day or two what may take you many days or even weeks of your time to get settled. You can start your new life in your home unpacked and organized!

Once the movers deliver your belongings the team will unpack boxes and you will come home to:

-the kitchen arranged for function
-the closets arranged by season, style, and color
-the bathrooms and other areas arranged in like categories
-the boxes broken down and packing materials are disposed of

The lead organizer confers regularly with you throughout the day to ensure priorities are met and you are satisfied. Most of our clients are happy to leave it to the move-in team as to how their belongings are organized, however, others prefer to be more involved...the choice is yours.

We offer the highest standard of privacy and professionalism while performing your move-in needs.

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