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Coming To Grips With The Junk In Your Garage

Dallas Morning News May, 29, 2011 


Featured on the front page of the HomeCenter section in the Sunday edition of The Dallas Morning News, "Coming to grips with the junk in your garage." The article was written by Rhona Schwartz, and provided a different perspective on the many services a professional organizer can provide.

Thinning Hoarders

Dallas Morning News March 25, 2011

Front page photo and full page article in the Neighbors Go of Garland/Wylie/Sachse in the Dallas Morning News called Desirée Hill the "Ace of Space." The topic focused on "Thinning the Hoards" allowing the readers to understand clutter is a very personal, stressful factor in our lives. The article focused on hoarding.

A&E Hoarders
Geralin Thomas, A&E September 13, 2010

"Desireé Hill was part of a group organizing project for an episode of A&E Hoarders filmed in May of 2010. Desirée worked diligently and steady for 2 days of filming. It was a pleasure having Desirée on my organizing team and if I return to the DFW area to do another episode of Hoarders, Desirée will be invited back again to help declutter, sort and categorize items."

Becoming More Organized
DFW People March 20, 2008

Article in the DFW People, The Airport Newspaper highlighted Desirée (a flight attendant with American Airlines at the time) as the "flight attendant with an Organized Touch". The article focused on the why and how people become disorganized and tips to live a more streamlined lifestyle.

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