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A consultation is generally recommended to assess your needs so we can give you the most efficient use of our time and keep YOUR costs down. In some cases, a consultation may be all you need.

Residential Organization

We take the time to discuss your organizational needs in order to help you achieve the result YOU want. We know that every person has their own unique set of challenges, so we will discuss with you in detail the best course of action.

Our job is not to make you get rid of anything. We will ask questions and discuss options with you. Together we can determine what you need and want to keep, to create a comfortable environment in your home and surround you with the things you love.

Lighten the Load​
People are realizing that their “stuff” is emotionally heavy.  We can help take them through the sorting process of “lightening” their load by helping them to sort through the items they no longer need or want.  We can arrange for the donation pickup or in some cases we can offer to take items to a donation center in their area.

If there are a large number of items we can inventory those items prior to donation and provide an itemized list to make it easier for them to assess a value for tax purposes.  Regardless, a donation receipt will be provided.


Relocation Services
We are compassionate about helping people transition to their new home.  We realize that letting go may be part of the process, and retaining the items they love is important to the client.  While entering this new chapter in their life, we are sympathetic to the emotional aspect of this very significant change.
We can provide all the resources required for making the process easier on the client and their families.  Whether it is an estate sale, consignment or donation, we have the resources to help them figure it out.  Understanding that space may be a constraint, we can assess the client’s needs prior to their move and try our best to accommodate their wishes.


Home Staging​

We can work on key areas to showcase your home for a prospective buyer. When your home is properly organized you can be confident of a quicker sale. 

Organize and prepare your home for sale to make it appealing to the discriminating buyer. To help you prepare your home to sell and assist you with decisions on what to keep, toss or donate.

Boxes to Breakfast​
Start off in your new home unpacked AND organized.

When the mover’s leave, it’s not over – generally there are boxes everywhere! Organized Touch takes the move-in process one step further. We not only unpack your boxes, we put away and set up your belongings in a professionally organized manner. We can do in a day or two what may take you many days or even weeks of your time to get settled. You can start your new life in your home unpacked and organized!


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